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For environmentally friendly and sustainable events

As the world’s first carbon neutral constructed convention centre, we are proud of our commitment to the environment, so by choosing to host your event at The Convention Centre Dublin, you are already committing to a greener future!

To help us in our mission to promote event sustainability, read our hints and tips on how you can reduce the environmental impact of your next event.

Go Digital

Encourage delegates to register for your event online, and put all of your promotional or information print pieces on your event website as PDF files. Consider using The CCD’s digital signage system instead of print banners and signs, and offer teleconferencing for delegates who want to eliminate their air miles. You could also request that your hotel provider dedicates a channel at the hotel to info about your event.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

If you must print - use 100% recycled paper, print double-sided, and print locally to reduce transport emissions. Use previous years as a guide to print quantities and aim to have no paper waste following the event. Also remember to ask delegates to give back their plastic name tag holders and lanyards at the end of the event so you can reuse them.

Enforce a zero-waste policy to ensure exhibitors take home all packaging that they bring to the event, and include an environmental message on all literature reminding delegates to recycle their paper waste. You could also offer a ‘green exhibitor award’ at the end of your event, or charge your exhibitors a fee for excessive waste to encourage good practice.

Promote Green-Friendly Transport

Encourage delegates to car share, use public transport or sign up to the dublinbikes scheme, which allows delegates to rent and return bikes at over 90 locations around Dublin city. Plan start and finish times for your event to coincide with public transport timetables, and be sure to give your event team accurate timings of your event, so that we can ensure all lights and machinery are switched off outside event times.

Talk to your Event Manager for more advice and assistance in making your event green.

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