Plastic waste has become a major concern for our planet in recent times. Plastic is a non-biodegradable material, meaning it cannot be broken down by microorganisms into its natural components. As a result, it poses a significant threat to the environment.

One way we can make a difference is by committing to eliminating single use plastics from all of our events by the end of 2023, to help to reduce the amount of plastic in oceans and landfills.

First step

The first step on this journey was to understand how much plastic the venue uses. We conducted an audit in early 2021 to identify the plastic items used in the venue, including water bottles, straws, cups, and cutlery.

In April 2021, we removed single use plastics from our food offering and replaced them with green packaging and non-plastic alternatives. Delegates and clients attending events at The CCD can enjoy takeaway items in sustainable packaging.

Second Step

After launching the permanent, plastic-free cash catering food offering in 2021, the team at The CCD went one step further by eliminating single use cups for tea and coffee for all employees. This eliminates over 2,000 take away cups from the planet per week!

We have installed 12 water fountains throughout The CCD and encourage clients and delegates to bring their own refillable bottles to avail of free clean fresh water. These stations are located around the venue and display live information on how much water is being dispensed. This system allows us to demonstrate how much CO2 has been offset. This not only reduces plastic waste but also promotes sustainability and eco-friendliness.

By the end of 2023 The CCD will eliminate all plastic within the venue and will implement a plastic-free policy for all clients and delegates.


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