The CCD launches a new menu that is nurtured by nature and inspired by Ireland!

Nature Give Us Everything, the title of the newly launched menu at The CCD perfectly describes the ethos behind its development, while also speaking to the way The CCD hospitality team conduct business.

Inspired by nature and drawing on the influence of the emerald isle, Executive Head Chef Lenny Fearon, along with Head Chef Karl O’Reilly, Beverage Manager Mark O’Reilly and General Manager Michael Fox came together to create this new menu, which highlights what the local farmers and producers have to offer on an international stage.

The goal of menu design at a venue such as this is two-fold: offer nourishing food choices that sustain delegates, ensuring elevated energy levels and mental vitality throughout the entire event, while also providing healthy food options that cater to diverse dietary requirements in a way that is delicious, accessible and aligns with The CCD’s sustainability goals.

With the idea that an event menu is what sustains and power delegates through their events, said Lenny, ‘’I genuinely believe the food choices you make today optimise your wellbeing and generate good eating habits. Here in Ireland, we have the most amazing producers and produce, and it’s exciting for me to be able to use the Irish landscape in our new menu’’. Lenny has been working at The CCD since the opening of the building, delivering outstanding culinary delights to everyone who has walked through The CCD’s revolving doors.

 Lenny, Karl, Michael, CCD Hospitality


The Nature Gives Us Everything menu highlights include:

  • Incorporating ‘head to tail’, ‘root to shoot’ and fin to gill’ principles to reduce wastage.
  • The use of only local products within 100-mile radius of The CCD, with no use of air freight.
  • The use of seasonal fruits and vegetables only.
  • The continuous drive of our chefs to seek local, sustainably sourced products, without compromising on quality or taste.

Food provenance is a crucial element in shaping The CCD’s menu options. It dictates the design of the dishes and offerings for the public. All menu packs are designed with traceability in mind. While sustainability and food provenance has always been a key theme in the design and execution of CCD Hospitality, there is an ongoing commitment to continue exploring and improving where possible.

Accompanying the launch of the new menu is the integration of the innovative carbon labeling system, Foodsteps. This data driven system calculates and reports on the carbon footprint of each dish created, empowering both the client and their delegates to actively participate in climate conscious decision making when it comes to food.

Hospitality is not only about the sourcing of products and the food we put on the table, but it also takes into consideration the disposal of waste. Recycling rates at The CCD rank consistently above 98% with the percentage of waste going to landfill from all visitors’ waste processed at the venue remaining below 2%.

The CCD Hospitality team is thrilled to be sharing the Irish landscape with both national and international delegates at upcoming events at The CCD.

You can see the full new menu here.