Do you have a car park?

Yes, there is a public underground car park located at the rear of the building.

It is €3.50 per hour and €20 for the day. Evening and pre-booking rates are also available. You can find more information on parking here.

Do you have Wi-Fi in the building?

Yes, The CCD offers a complimentary Wi-Fi service.

To connect, open network options, connect to ‘CCD Guest’ and agree to the terms and conditions at the bottom of the page.  

Is there anywhere that I can print out my boarding pass?

There are many printing services closeby to The CCD.

Where is the nearest shop?

 There are many shops within a five minute walk of The CCD. There is a supermarket located directly behind The CCD and another on Mayor Street Lower.

Use our interactive map to find shops and other useful services around The CCD.

Do you have facilities for people with disabilities?

As a purpose-built, world-class conference venue, we have incorporated all legislative requirements for accessibility into the building’s design, and we are committed to making The CCD as physically and emotionally welcoming as possible for all.

In 2012 we were the first ever Irish venue to win the Meetings & Incentive Travel (M&IT) Award for ‘Access Excellence’. You can find more information on access for people with disabilities here.

Do you have any assistance hearing facilities?

Yes. Many of our rooms have an induction loop and infra-red (two channel) radiator systems. Free stethoscopes are available to borrow. Alternatively if you wear a hearing aid, you may borrow a neck-worn induction loop which can be used in conjunction with the “T” position on your hearing aid. Please ask a CCD Host or contact reception if you wish to avail of this service. 

Do you hold any tours for student groups?

Yes, we try to accommodate group tours for students and individuals who wish to explore The CCD when the building is quiet.

To request a group tour of the building, please fill out this questionnaire and email it to us.

How can I get to the airport from The CCD?

Dublin Airport is just 15 minutes from The CCD.

You can travel by taxi or, alternatively, Dublin bus offers a regular Airlink service that drops off directly outside The CCD, and picks up from outside the A&L Goodbody building, just 2 minutes walk away. You can find more information here.

I’m doing a college project on The CCD, is there anywhere I can find information to help me with my research?

Yes, we have a dedicated section on our website for help with student projects.

Is The CCD open to the public?

Due to events that are in the building The CCD is not open to the public.

However if you email us to express your interest, we will let you know of any upcoming open days.

Is there an ATM / cash machine in the building?

No, the closest ATM is in the Fresh convenience store on Mayor Street Lower.

If this shop is closed, there are also bank ATMs in Mayor Square and the IFSC area, all around a 5 minute walk. Use our interactive map to find cash points and other useful services around The CCD.

What hotels are closest to The CCD?

Five large hotels lie within 800 metres of The CCD and a further 20,000 hotel rooms are within a 10km radius.

Options are available in all price ranges, from boutique hotels and B&Bs to major international hotel chains offering 4 and 5 star luxury. You can find the hotels that are closest to The CCD using our interactive map.

What language is spoken in Ireland?

Our national language is Gaelic. However, almost everyone speaks English as their main language and all business is conducted in English, unless you request it to be conduct through the Irish Gaelic language. 

You will see street and road signage (including our own room signage at The CCD) and official literature available in English along with the Irish Gaelic translation.

Where is the nearest post office?

The General Post Office (GPO) is located on O'Connell St. which is a 15 minute walk or a short tram ride from The CCD. There are other postal and courier services located in the area which you can find on our interactive map

Use our interactive map to find more useful services around The CCD.

How do I get to The CCD?

Getting to The CCD is easy thanks to excellent public transport options, plentiful taxis, and our close proximity to Ireland’s main motorway network.

You can find more information to help you plan your journey to The CCD here.

What are the public transport links to The CCD?

The CCD is ideally located in the heart of Dublin’s transport hub with lots of public transport options to choose from, including bus, train, tram or dublinbikes.

You can find more information on how to get to The CCD here.

What time does the car park stay open until?

The car park remains open until midnight.

However, if you are attending a banquet, the car park will remain open until the event finishes.

Where is the nearest Luas (tram) stop?

You have the option of two Luas stops when travelling to The CCD.

Mayor Square and Spencer Dock are both located at the rear of the building, less than a 5 minute walk away. You can find more information on how to get to The CCD here.

Where can I find information on things to do and places to eat in Dublin?

We have a dedicated section on our website for Visitors, which features an interactive map where you can find shops, hotels, cafes, restaurants, attractions and other services in Dublin.

If you are currently in the venue, why not ask one of our uniformed CCD Hosts for tips and advice on things to see and do in the city? Some maps and guides on Dublin may also be available at the ground floor reception desk.

Where can I purchase tickets for a concert or show at The CCD?

There is no ticket office at The CCD.

You can purchase tickets for concerts and shows through the event organiser’s chosen ticket distributer for example, Ticketmaster or Eventmaster. You can find more information on our upcoming events here.

Where can I get an international adaptor?

During most events, we offer adaptors for purchase from a CCD Host in the cloakroom on the ground floor foyer for €5.00.

Do you have a cloakroom?

The CCD has two cloakrooms located on the ground floor which are only open at our clients’ request.

Please contact the organiser of your event for more information.

What currency is used in Ireland?

Ireland’s currency is the euro €, which is divided into 100 cents.

Where can I change money?

Most banks offer a foreign exchange facility and generally offer the best exchange rates.

You can also often change money in many Post Offices, which are open on Saturdays until around midday. Dublin also offers many Bureaux de change and other exchange facilities but the rates may be higher than many banks. Find banking services near The CCD using our interactive map.

What taxback / VAT incentives are available to me?

Since 2007, a business delegate attending a qualifying conference is entitled to reclaim Value Added Tax (VAT) paid in respect of accommodation costs incurred while attending that conference.

In addition, non-EU residents are entitled to reclaim the VAT paid on items purchased and taken home with them.

Which credit cards are accepted in Ireland?

Credit cards Visa and MasterCard are more widely accepted in Dublin than Amex or Diners Club, which may not be accepted in smaller establishments.

If a card is lost or stolen, inform the police and the issuing company as soon as possible. Here are some 24-hour hotlines for cancelling your cards:

  • Amex (1850 882 028)
  • Diners Club (0818 919 944)
  • MasterCard (1800 557 378)
  • Visa (1800 558 002)

How much should I tip for services in Ireland?

Tipping in restaurants, taxis and hotels is common.

Restaurants will often add in a service charge, usually 10%, especially if you have more than 5 in your party. If not, the normal tip is 10% for restaurants or taxis. In hotels, porters are generally tipped €1 per bag.

What public holidays do you have in Ireland?

On a public holiday, often known as a ‘Bank Holiday’, most businesses, banks and schools close, although The CCD will often operate on Bank Holidays at the request of clients.

Public transport and some other services may operate on a restricted or Sunday schedule. Ireland observes 9 public holidays a year:

  • New Year's Day (1 January)
  • St. Patrick's Day (17 March)
  • Easter Monday
  • First Monday in May
  • First Monday in June
  • First Monday in August
  • Last Monday in October
  • Christmas Day (25 December)
  • St. Stephen's Day (26 December)

What’s the weather like in Dublin?

Dublin’s weather is generally mild, which is due to the influence of the North Atlantic Drift, or Gulf Stream.

July and August are typically the warmest months of the year with temperatures ranging from 15° to 20°C. November to February tend to be the coldest months, with temperatures between 4° and 8°C. Major snowfalls are very unusual. As the weather is mild, it is advisable to carry a light jacket or sweater as well as an umbrella. During the summer months, Dublin also enjoys longer days with up to 18 hours of daylight.

Will I need a visa to travel to Ireland?

In general, if you are not a citizen of Ireland and are not a national of one of the countries listed here, you will be required to have a valid Irish visa.

The Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service also operates an Irish Short Stay Visa Waiver Programme, which allows delegates from a selected list of countries to enter Ireland without a visa if they have a UK ‘C’ General Visa and meet certain conditions. You should apply for visas at least 8 weeks in advance of travelling to Ireland.