Do you have a reception / concierge service?

Yes, our reception desk is located in the ground floor foyer and is open Monday to Thursday 08.30 to 17.00, and from 08.30 to 16.30 on Fridays.

Our receptionists will be on hand during your event to assist you and your delegates with general enquiries. A direct dial taxi phone is also available at the reception desk, as well as maps and tourist information leaflets. On busy event days, we offer a concierge service to greet your delegates and answer any general queries.

Our CCD Hosts can also be availed of, to welcome and guide your visitors around the venue during your event. We also offer the provision of a Client Host service for certain events, giving you a dedicated personal assistant and uniformed chauffeur for the duration of your time at The CCD.

Do you have Wi-Fi available?

Yes. The CCD offers a complementary Wi-Fi service which can facilitate up to 12,000 simultaneous users.

In order to connect to the network, your delegates should open their network options and connect to ‘CCD Guest’. They should then open their browser and agree to the terms and conditions at the bottom of the page. We advise all organisers to order a dedicated Wi-Fi or wired internet connection for registration and for large events. Custom Wi-Fi landing pages can also be availed of. Remember, we have a dedicated team of Event IT experts who will be happy to talk you through their recommendations for your event requirements.  

What equipment is included with my rental?

At The Convention Centre Dublin we have an extensive range of in-house furniture and equipment available, eliminating the need to outsource. - See more at:

We have an extensive range of in-house furniture and equipment available, eliminating the need to outsource.

If you have chosen a conference package, your rental will include a projector and screen with laptop, sound system and microphones, technical support from our team of in-house technicians and, if you are in one of the larger spaces, a stage and a lighting system. Your Technical Production Manager will be able to take you through the various options available.

What funding and support is available to help bring my event to Dublin?

Various government incentives are available to help bring international events to Ireland. 

Firstly, there is no VAT on delegate registration fees, which means your association gets the full payment from the delegate. Secondly, your delegates can reclaim the VAT paid on accommodation costs while attending your conference, currently 13.5%. Finally, non-EU residents are entitled to reclaim the VAT paid on items purchased and taken home with them. More information can be found in our City Support section.

Does The CCD provide technical support for my event?

Yes. The CCD has its own dedicated team of in-house technicians, including AV, lighting & sound technicians, stage managers and riggers.

Our professional team will help you get the most out of our equipment to maximise your event’s potential.

Can I run presentations from my own laptop?

Yes, that is no problem. Remember to bring your power supply and, if you are using a MAC, your MAC adapter.

What information do I need to provide for your technicians?

Apart from the relevant technical information required to set up your event, we require a running order for the event that outlines timings and a brief description of what is happening at specific times during the event.

We have an event production company that we have used in the past to produce our events. Can we bring this company to The CCD to look after our set design and technical requirements?

Yes you can, our technical team are happy to work with visiting production crews.

It is worth noting however, that The CCD can also offer a full production service so be sure to explore this option with your Technical Production Manager.

What version of PowerPoint is installed on The CCD’s presentation laptops?

We have Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2013 installed on all of our laptops and PCs.

This version is backwards-compatible so presentations created on an older version will run perfectly. If you need any help in formatting your presentations, our helpful technicians are always on hand to assist you.

What format are your projection screens?

All of the projection screens are 16:9 format (widescreen).

What branding opportunities are available in the building?

There are a multitude of branding opportunities available to you throughout the building, on pillars, escalators, and even The CCD exterior!

Clients often use these opportunities to promote their event, or to generate revenue from sponsors. We use specialist print suppliers for the installation and removal of graphics in the building, and your Event Manager can talk you through the options available.

Is it possible to get the building lit in our corporate colours for our event?

Yes, if you have hired all of the spaces in the building or are the only event in-house at the time.

There are 10 LED ‘ring beams’ on the atrium at the front of the building that can be programmed with different colours (at no extra cost). We can also quote to provide video mapping images and videos onto the front of the building. Please speak to your Technical Production Manager for more information.

What colours can the sails (the white panels in the ceiling) in The Forum and The Liffey be changed to?

We are able to use red, green and blue as our primary colours but we can mix these to get a large range of colours. We should be able to achieve most colour requests. 

Please contact your Technical Production Manager for more information. 

We would like to record our event. Is this something you can assist us with?

Yes, The CCD can offer full audio and video recording of your event with the option of a full final edit or the raw footage if you would like to edit it yourself.

We can also offer a ‘live-eye’ camera feed to the main screen at your conference or to one of your breakout or overflow rooms. Your Technical Production Manager can advise you of options and costs for this.

Do you have lecterns available?

Yes, our lecterns are available to you for speeches and presentations.

You can also brand the front of the lectern with a graphic that can be affixed with low tack double sided tape. Please contact your Event Manager for more information and specifications.

Do you have registration desks available?

Yes we do, and they can be branded with your own graphics or logos.

Please contact your Event Manager for more information and specifications.

Do you have a cloakroom service?

Yes, we have two cloakrooms located on the ground floor with capacity for 1,500 coats and 200 bags or suitcases.

The cloakrooms are only open on request, and can be operated on an account or cash basis. We recommend that you use them for events with more than 100 delegates. Please contact your Event Manager for more information on options and prices.

Do you provide pens, pads and pencils for meetings and conferences?

Yes we do. Please contact your Event Manager for options and prices.

Will my delegates be required to get visas to travel to Ireland?

In general, delegates who are not citizens of Ireland and who are not a national of one of the countries listed here, are required to have a valid Irish visa.

The Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service also operates an Irish Short Stay Visa Waiver Programme, which allows delegates from a selected list of countries to enter Ireland without a visa if they have a UK ‘C’ General Visa and meet certain conditions. You should advise your delegates to apply for visas at least 8 weeks in advance of travelling to Ireland.

What are your insurance requirements?

Your contract with The CCD requires you to have Public Liability Insurance in force with a reputable firm, for up to ten million euro for each and every claim, for the duration of the rental period and any reasonable period after that.

We will provide copies of all insurance coverage and will request the same from you before signing any contract.

Do you do tastings?

Yes we do. Tastings are provided complimentary and are scheduled Tuesday to Friday.

Please contact your Hospitality Manager to book an appointment.

Are we allowed to bring in our own lunch to feed our delegates?

No, CCD Hospitality is the sole provider of catering in The CCD.

Can we brand paper cups for coffee breaks?

Yes you can, please contact your Hospitality Manager for a quote.

Can we substitute whole fruit for biscuits at the coffee break?

Yes, you can and there is no extra charge.

Can an event use The CCD’s kitchen to cook their own foods?

Yes they can, but strict guidelines must be followed. Please contact your Hospitality Manager for more information.

Can we bring our own wine/champagne in for events?

Yes you can, however you will have to pay corkage. Please contact your Hospitality Manager for a quote.

What’s the weather like in Dublin?

Dublin’s weather is generally mild, which is due to the influence of the North Atlantic Drift, or Gulf Stream.

July and August are typically the warmest months of the year with temperatures ranging from 15° to 20°C. November to February tend to be the coldest months, with temperatures between 4° and 8°C. Major snowfalls are very unusual. As the weather is mild, it is advisable to carry a light jacket or sweater as well as an umbrella. During the summer months, Dublin also enjoys longer days with up to 18 hours of daylight.