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As a Gold accredited Healthy Venue, we actively encourage healthier food choices by highlighting and promoting the health benefits and nutritional value of options such as fruit, overnight oats, fresh juices and smoothies in our menu pack.

Healthy Hospitality at The Convention Centre Dublin

We have stringent processes in place regarding on-site preparation, and we always endeavour to create dishes using texture, flavours and colour embedded in natural herbs and spices to avoid salt and additives. In addition, we only use whole foods in cooking techniques to eliminate the use of processed or convenience foods.

We are dedicated to sustainably sourcing fresh, seasonal, local produce, along with a major commitment to the training and development of our Hospitality team. We actively embrace the ‘farm to fork’ movement, which encompasses a passion and commitment to food safety, freshness, seasonality and sustainability. Aiming to source produce as locally as possible, 80% of our food and beverage suppliers can be found within a 100-mile radius – meaning our food is not only fresh, but also environmentally friendly.

At The CCD, we take particular care to cater to all specialised dietary needs. We use a computer software system to provide full nutritional and ingredient detail on all the meals we serve, including allergens, calories, saturated fats and sugar content.

We have various initiatives in our menu pack to encourage healthy eating. These include an extensive selection of overnight oats, fruits, smoothies, juices, and smoothie bowls packed with essential vitamins and minerals, as well as a full range of vegan and plant-based options. In addition to this, we offer nutritionally-balanced ‘food on the move’ hampers, bento boxes, bowl foods and food dock boxes. We also have an extensive salad range which accompanies our buffet menu as standard.

Talk to your Hospitality Manager to find out how you can make your event catering healthy and nutritious.

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