The Convention Centre Dublin Sets New Recycling Record!

Recycling Station

DUBLIN – 24 February, 2015 – The Convention Centre Dublin (The CCD) achieved its highest recycling rate to date in 2014. 98% or 169 tonnes of all waste generated within The CCD was recycled, breaking the previous year’s rate of 92%. 169 tonnes equates to the weight of 30 average elephants or 21 empty double decker busses!

The CCD’s figures throughout the year were consistent, regardless of whether it processed 5 tonnes or 25 tonnes of waste. It achieved a rate over 96% every month and reached up to 99% in March, May and June!

This fantastic result can largely be credited to the CCD Cleaning team, managed by Cagney Contract Cleaning, who work hard to consistently monitor and improve recycling figures. Its strategy is to manage waste generation from its source, regularly meeting CCD Hospitality to discuss catering requirements for each event. This enables the team to forecast sufficient staff to handle waste segregation and develop a waste management strategy accordingly. The CCD also uses custom-designed recycling bins which have illustrations rather than text, to ensure all international delegates are aware of how to segregate waste, regardless of language.

“We are extremely proud of our 2014 recycling rate and the CCD Cleaning team," said Austin McCormack, Facilities and Infrastructure Director at The CCD. "The CCD secured ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems Certification in 2011, just one year after opening, and continues to focus on retaining this, with practical ways of reducing its impact on the environment and consistently monitoring and improving its recycling statistics.”

The CCD works very closely with recycling contractors, Thorntons, to constantly monitor monthly recycling rates, analysing the composition of waste down to 0.001 of a tonne. Once waste leaves The CCD, Thorntons manage its life cycle and work with third parties to turn what was once waste into useful materials including cement pellets from coffee cups, fleece jackets from plastic bottles and bicycles from steel cans.

The bar has been set extremely high for 2015 and despite the high achievement in this area, The CCD is always striving to do more!