The Convention Centre Dublin Breaks Recycling Rate Record!

DUBLIN – 18 February, 2013 - The Convention Centre Dublin (The CCD) achieved a remarkable combined recycling rate of 95% for 2012. This means that 95% (or 227 tonnes) of all waste generated within The CCD in 2012 was recycled, breaking the previous year’s record of 81% and far surpassing the goal of 85% which was set for 2012 at the beginning of the year.

This remarkable achievement can largely be attributed to the CCD Cleaning team, managed by Cagney Contract Cleaning, who work closely with CCD Hospitality to manage the generation and segregation of waste within the building. Delegates have also helped The CCD in its recycling mission by using their custom designed recycle-friendly bins. Once it leaves the building, Thornton’s Recyclingmanage the life cycle of The CCD’s segregated waste, turning what was once waste into useful materials, including cement pellets from coffee cups, fleece jackets from plastic bottles, and bicycles from steel cans.

2012 proved a very successful year for CCD Cleaning who also won two awardsat the Irish Contract Cleaning Association (ICCA) Cleaning Industry Awards, one of which named The CCD as ‘Overall Winner for Best Cleaned Premises’. Michelle Murray, Manager of CCD Cleaning comments “reaching such a high recycling rate is an incredible achievement for CCD Cleaning, and puts The CCD at the forefront of waste management practices across the meetings and event industry on a global scale.”

CCD Cleaning is currently made up of a full-time crew of 7 and a part time crew of 65 staff, who are committed to ensuring that every event takes place in pristine surroundings and with minimum impact on the environment.

As the world’s first carbon neutralconstructed convention centre, The CCD is committed to long-term environmental sustainabilityin accordance with the International Standards Organisation (ISO) 14001. Its mission to recycle goes hand-in-hand with other environmental practices, including minimising energy consumption and reducing harmful emissions. The CCD can also work with clients to help reduce the carbon footprint of their event, and offers international delegates the opportunity to offset their carbon emissions from travelling to the venue through its online carbon calculator.

The bar has been set high for 2013, but having achieved a recycling rate of 100% in both February and April of 2012, the CCD Cleaning team are up for the challenge and are aiming to surpass 2012’s 95% rate in 2013.