DUBLIN - November 10, 2010 - MarketSpreads.ie are holding a series of free trading workshops at The Convention Centre Dublin, between 10am – 3pm on November 11th.  To attend one of the half hour sessions, register at MarketSpreads.ie

The sessions will cover the following topics:

  • Beginner Trading – the dos and don’ts of spread trading, different strategies and styles of trading, how to get started properly.
  • Currency Trading – why currency markets move so much, understanding technical analysis, pivot points, how to trade with a minimum of time input.
  • Trading Price Action – importance of price action, understanding how the financial markets work, finding an edge, how to go about educating yourself.
  • Trader Forums – join in with other traders, discuss your strategies, issues, views and outlook on the market.  Learn from others’ experiences.
  • Risk Management – how to set your trading goals and risk parameters, optimal stake sizes and stop loss levels, trading through orders, trading cycles.
  • 6 Traders – Actual examples of six different trader styles: New aspiring, Confident investor, High risk/reward, Frequent, Value hedger, Cautious capital augmenter