Enjoy an evening with the man who said, ‘stories are incredibly long-lived... We have children of flesh and blood... but we also have children of stories, and that’s immortality, of a kind’!

What doesn’t Neil Gaiman write? One of the greatest living storytellers, he is the author of short fiction, novels, comic books, graphic novels, audio theatre, and movies, including The Sandman comic book series, Stardust, American Gods, and Coraline.

Among many, many awards, he has won both the Newbery and Carnegie Medals. Described by the Guardian as a ‘a thesaurus of myth’, his new Norse Mythology is a suspenseful and dazzling retelling of the Norse myths.

‘I don’t think I’m mainstream. I think what I am is lots and lots of different cults. And when you get lots and lots of small groups who like you a lot, they add up to a big group without ever actually becoming mainstream.’ - Neil Gaiman in The Guardian

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