Creating the ‘wow’ factor

As a blank canvas venue, we believe that anything is possible!

CCD Technical is made up of a large team of talented professional technicians, ready to help you deliver your event. From creative lighting designers to sound, AV technicians and riggers, we have the capability and expertise to help you host a memorable event that your delegates will be talking about for a long time to come.

Create the ultimate arriving statement

At The CCD, our iconic atrium contains 10 ring beams lit with LED lighting which can be used to light The CCD in your brand colours. You can also video-map the front façade of the building with bespoke graphics, colours or videos. Your Technical Production Manager will be happy to provide a quote for this service.

What you see is what you get!

3D Rendering Service

At The CCD, we are always looking for innovative ways to support events. For events with high presentational and production requirements, we offer a 3D rendering service that creates incredibly accurate mock-ups of room designs, complete with furniture and full technical set up.

With our 3D renders, you can see exactly what your event will look like, as well as giving you complete confidence in what we can deliver. Together, we can then refine the vision for your event.

Talk to your Technical Production Manager to find out more about this service.

Hi-spec technical facilities

State-of-the-art technical support for your event

When you enter the doors of The CCD, you will quickly realise that you have come to one of the most technically advanced conference venues in the world. Every hall, meeting room and boardroom is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment from some of the world’s leading technical manufacturers, all complemented by our dedicated in-house technical production team.

From AV and sound technicians to lighting designers and riggers, your Technical Production Manager will work with you to create a vision for your event and ensure that you avail of the following equipment and support.

Here are some of the technical services and equipment we provide (carousel)

Lighting – We have an extremely versatile computerised lighting system to help you achieve the ‘wow’ factor. We can programme lighting to soundtracks and create colour washes to reflect your brand. Moving gobos, follow spots and haze machines can also be used to help bring your event to life.

Audio-visual – We carry a large selection of AV equipment from some of the top manufacturers in the business. With projection screens available up to 14m wide utilising Panasonic 4K laser projectors, this gives a whole new meaning to wide screen high definition! It is also possible to video-map the front of the building with graphics, images and videos.

Rigging and Staging – A wide range of integrated rigging and stages are also available for your event, along with settings such as lecterns, top tables and drapes. The Auditorium also has a Proscenium-style theatre stage with fly tower and safety curtain.

Sound Systems – From mixing consoles and amplifiers to wireless microphones and loud speakers, we will help get your message across loud and clear. All of our rooms boast d&b sound systems, controlled by DigiCo digital consoles. Wireless and wired microphones from Sennheiser and Shure are also available to complete your sound requirements.

Power Supply – From 13amp sockets for your laptop to a 3-phase 125a supply to power your lighting rig, we have plenty of power for your event. Heavy power requirements for large exhibitions are also easily arranged and, via our network of under floor cable ducts, can be delivered at any point in the room to fit in with your exhibition floor plan.

Video, Data and Communications – Giving you a great degree of flexibility and control, we can play your company video or presentation while also having speaker support via discreet autocues on stage. Hybrid and virtual elements can be incorporated into your event if needed and an extensive range of IT services are also available.
ClearCom 4 channel units (both wireless and hardwired) are available so the technicians running your event can keep in touch.

Presentations – Presentations can be uploaded onto our central server via our Speaker-Ready room, which provides a technical network throughout the venue. This means the master copy of your presentation is ready to use in any of our meeting rooms within The CCD.

Vehicle Access – To help bring in all your production equipment, we have dedicated vehicle access for commercial vehicles, plus truck and van lifts to ensure easy access to the event spaces on higher levels. Forklift trucks are also available for hire.