To surprise, delight and entertain your guests

The Irish are well known for their hospitality and sense of fun! At The Convention Centre Dublin, we know that guests are increasingly looking to be surprised and inspired by their food, and we pride ourselves on designing creative menus with innovative flair. Offering novelty and excitement, sensory-oriented food will keep guests interested and help make your event a truly memorable experience.

Create a sensory experience

Delegates are looking for food to engage all their senses and stir an emotional reaction. To create fascinating talking points and bring a unique food experience to your event, we like to think of ways that we can appeal to all five senses in your menu, for example, by spraying the essence of raspberry into the air when serving a fruit-based dessert.

Add your sponsors' branding

We have a multitude of unique branding opportunities available which your sponsors will love. Our smoothie bars, barista bars, light boxes and food trucks can all be branded using one of our preferred print suppliers for the installation and removal of graphics.

Incorporate live interactive service

Our aim is to bring the finer details of high-end restaurant service to the conference venue, and we can achieve this by interacting with guests. We find that incorporating ‘table side’, including pepper service, salt service and crumb down, brings an element of theatre to the service, creating a dining experience worth remembering.

Use your plates as a promotional tool

We have worked with many clients to devise bespoke culinary experiences including QR codes and logos on desserts, and glow-in-the-dark jelly! Our exclusive CCD chocolates can also be branded with your logo to bring something extra special to your event. We are always looking for new ideas to help create that interactive ‘wow’ experience for guests, and deliver added value for clients.

Talk to your Hospitality Manager to find out more about how we can add innovation into your menu.