Google EMEA Sales Conference

The CCD provided a venue which was accessible to Europe, flexible and capable of delivering Google's EMEA Sales Conference for 2,500 delegates.

Delegates: 2,500
Client: Google
Event: Google EMEA Sales Conference 2010
Type: Conference
Date: October 2010
Days: 5


Google required a venue for their annual EMEA Sales Conference, which was very accessible for European delegates. The event typically attracts 2,500 delegates from cities right across Europe including London, Paris, Milan, Warsaw and Hamburg. The large group also required accommodation for three nights in a nearby hotel. Google considered options in Glasgow, London Milan and Dublin.


The Convention Centre Dublin (The CCD), was selected to host the full conference and gala dinner as it offered a new and flexible space with exclusive use of the building and it is easily accessible from anywhere in Europe. Dublin-based agency, Green Light Events, approached The CCD for the event. The main considerations for Green Light Events were access for delegates from Europe and the ability of The CCD to deliver the event.

Thanks to the Groups Department in Aer Lingus, access was not a problem as direct flights to Dublin were available on all routes. This was the first time that Green Light Events were able to manage air travel without using charter flights. Green Light Events worked closely with The CCD to put together the proposal for the event. This large group was split across six city-centre hotels.

The event required full use of the building so one of the main challenges was how to quickly move 2,500 delegates from the larger spaces to break-out sessions to areas for meals and refreshments. This was easily achieved by using CCD hosts and digital signage to guide delegates during the event. In addition, the direction of the escalators was changed to help move people throughout the building.

Another issue was feeding the large group of delegates over the course of the event. CCD Hospitality brainstormed with Green Light Events to develop innovative ideas. One solution included providing gourmet grab’n’go lunch bags with home-made soup across the foyer spaces. This worked out well as delegates had an opportunity to mingle during their break. During the course of the event, CCD Hospitality served 5,000 teas and coffees; 3,400 grab’n’go lunch bags; 700 ice-creams, 1,045 mini eclairs and 2,350 bowl food meals. CCD Hospitality was also put to the test to bake 1045 Google-branded cupcakes, which were well received by all!


The flexibility of the venue was tested and it passed with flying colours. The client was so impressed with the venue and the team that it has become a regular client.

“Google was delighted with the event and with the unwavering team spirit of every team member at The CCD. There were a lot of moving parts but nothing was forgotten.” Jane Gallagher, Green Light Events