DrupalCon Dublin

Excellent quality Wi-Fi connectivity was essential to the success of DrupalCon Dublin. The CCD met the demand for this connected conference with a five star Wi-Fi infrastructure and service. The Drupal Association even set some records for the amount of internet used.

Delegates: 1,787
Client: The Drupal Association
Event: DrupalCon Dublin
Type: Conference
Date: 26-30 September 2016
Days: 5


In an ever-evolving meetings industry landscape, it is increasingly important for conference venues to keep abreast of the needs and requirements of their clients and delegates. As the digital eco-system continues to grow at a rapid speed, with a global average of 3.64 connected devices per digital consumer, meeting the demand for a high-speed and high-density Wi-Fi infrastructure to accommodate reliable connectivity is imperative to event organisers in delivering a successful conference experience.


The Convention Centre Dublin (The CCD) hosted DrupalCon Dublin in September 2016. Drupal is a content management software used to make many of the websites and applications we use every day and each year its community meets for its largest European event, DrupalCon. The event attracted almost 1,800 delegates, consisting of developers, designers, strategists, coordinators, editors and translators, who came together for five days to learn, teach, network and work on their Drupal projects.

During a series of detailed planning meetings with CCD Events, the Drupal Association emphasised the need for a strong Wi-Fi infrastructure to ensure its delegates could seamlessly work on projects, communicate online and share their ideas via their networks during the conference. Sessions such as ‘sprints’ (get-togethers for focused work on a Drupal project) presented the need to push and pull large amounts of code to and from the Drupal web server over The CCD’s network. The CCD provided a sprint lounge in Wicklow Hall 1 which accommodated up to 100 coders, who were provided with dedicated power outlets for their devices. Delegates on laptops and mobile devices lined foyers, filled the halls and meeting rooms while Auditorium keynote sessions were abuzz with enthusiastic delegates tweeting about the latest Drupal news and developments.

The CCD’s Wi-Fi infrastructure underwent a large-scale upgrade in preparation for the event to almost double its capacity and it now facilitates 22,000 concurrent connections in the venue. The installation of 135 additional access points and 100 antennae, layered throughout the building, ensures consistent building-wide coverage and a dependable service throughout. Implementing both 2.4GHz and 5GHz channels ensures connectivity for all Wi-Fi enabled devices by guaranteeing less interference, resulting in higher speeds for all users. The CCD worked with Kedington, the largest IT network infrastructure solutions company in Ireland, to ensure the connectivity it offers is state of the art and to ensure The CCD offers its clients a five star Wi-Fi service.

Throughout the event, CCD Event IT monitored the Wi-Fi via real-time reporting feeds installed in back of house spaces to ensure it was constantly and consistently providing exceptional coverage, as well as strong upload and download speeds. The team recorded up to 2,300 devices connected to the network at once, with the highest download speed of 190Mbps. This allowed delegates to publish and design website projects, stream video content, stay connected to email and network online simultaneously with no interruption.


DrupalCon Dublin was a resounding success attracting 1,787 delegates, who gave excellent and encouraging feedback in a survey issued by the Drupal Association following the event. Delegates lit up Twitter feeds all over the world with many positive comments throughout the event. They highlighted the extremely upbeat atmosphere, collaborative environment, quality of sessions and warm hospitality at the conference.

Rachel Friesen, Events Manager at the Drupal Association, commented “The success of DrupalCon is often measured on how well the Wi-Fi performs and we have had nothing but success here at The CCD… We set some records I think for how much internet we used during this event”.

The CCD is delighted to be leading the way in technology and innovation to ensure it is supporting its clients in delivering world class events, supported by cutting edge Wi-Fi infrastructure.

The CCD staff has been bending over backwards helping us and helping our community that’s come together. Megan Sanicki, Executive Director, Drupal Association