68th Annual Meeting of the Renaissance Society of America

Seven years in the making, the 68th Annual Meeting of the Renaissance Society of America took place as an in-person event in March at The CCD.

Delegates: 1,700
Client: The Renaissance Society of America
Event: 68th Annual Meeting of the Renaissance Society of America
Type: International Association
Date: 30 March– 02 April 2022
Days: 4


The Renaissance Society of America, the largest international organisation devoted to the study of the world from the late 13th to the 17th centuries sought a European venue to hold their 68th Annual Meeting of the Renaissance Society of America back in 2015. This annual event is usually held in North America and rotates to Europe every five years, bringing together diverse communities to promote the works of its members in the field of Renaissance Studies.

The client’s main requirements were flexibility around dates, numbers and rooms. Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, this event, originally due to be held in 2021, was postponed to April 2022. They also needed multiple rooms for breakout sessions, cash catering outlets and water fountains for delegates.

The conference required a city centre location to give delegates an opportunity to visit museums and historical sites while in Dublin. The CCD’s location proved to be an ideal hub to allow delegates to easily explore Dublin’s history and culture.


The CCD held the 68th Annual Meeting of the Renaissance Society of America from the 30 March to 02 April 2022. Originally due to take place in 2021, after surveying members regarding COVID-19 and travel safety requirements, the client decided to push the event out to 2022. The CCD worked with the client to be as flexible as they could be to ensure a smooth transition of dates.

The biggest challenge was the ongoing pandemic. The client wanted to reassure delegates that good protocols were in place. Prior to the event, several in-person site visits and planning meetings took place before the pandemic shut the world down. When permitted, the Director of the Renaissance Society of America continued to visit The CCD in between lockdowns in 2021.

For the live event, 50 breakout sessions took place within The CCD and surrounding venues across Dublin. This event had a full site let of The CCD with lecture halls and tutorials set up for discussions and registration in the Forum. Cash catering took place in the Forum, offering plastic-free lunch options and tea and coffee for delegates to purchase.


The 68th Annual Meeting of the Renaissance Society of America was attended by over 1,700 international conference delegates, contributing an estimated €2.8m towards the local economy, after almost two years without international events. The events team worked alongside CCD Technical to facilitate some hybrid sessions to allow those unable to travel to engage with the event.

When the event was confirmed, The CCD kept in constant communication with the client regarding COVID-19 policies in place in Ireland, which changed a number of times during the six months leading up to the conference. Although the Irish government lifted its rules a few weeks before the event, the client wanted to retain the original policies already announced to delegates. The CCD supported this and helped to facilitate measures regarding social distancing, proof of immunity and mask-wearing.

The overall event was a success, with both the client and delegates expressing positive feedback describing how their plans for the event were carried out perfectly.


"As an organisation devoted to study of the Renaissance, we know that coming together after cataclysm is essential. The CCD and Dublin turned out to be the perfect hosts for the RSA's in-person conference rebirth." TRACY E. ROBEY, PhD | Director of Meetings, Fellowships, and Grants