The Architect

Kevin Roche (June 14, 1922 – March 1, 2019) was one of Ireland’s most acclaimed international architects. Born in Dublin, Kevin received a Bachelor of Architecture from the National University of Ireland in 1945.

After professional experience in Dublin with Michael Scott and in London with Maxwell Fry, Kevin moved to the United States in 1948. Kevin won innumerable awards for his designs of over 300 major buildings around the world. In 1982, he was awarded the prestigious Pritzker Prize (the Nobel Prize equivalent for architecture). Kevin’s better known work includes the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Oakland Museum, the UN Plaza and the Ford Foundation headquarters in New York.

CEO Nick Waight, Architect Kevin Roche and Chairman Dermod Dwyer

CEO Nick Waight, Architect Kevin Roche and Chairman Dermod Dwyer

The CCD is the first Irish building Kevin designed. Over the past decade, Kevin, as master architect with his attention to detail, designed every facet of this building right down to the door handles! The CCD design has been end-user driven and has emerged as an iconic building on the banks of the Liffey. It has a wonderful 55-metre high glass atrium offering guests amazing views right across the Dublin skyline and over the Dublin and Wicklow mountains.


“Architecture is an achievement that comes from the commitment of the owner and the understanding of the architect that the work to be realized will be a response not only to the immediate requirements but also to the broader concerns of the community, the accommodation of the natural and cultural environment, and the belief that the final responsibility is not only to the user and the community, but ultimately to posterity.” Kevin Roche 

Kevin Roche John Dinkeloo and Associates LLC (KRJDA) is located in Hamden, Connecticut. The firm has been honoured with numerous awards for architecture and design. More information about Kevin’s work can be found on the KRJDA website.

KRJDA Awards

Pritzker Prize

Architectural Firm Award, American Institute of Architects

Gold Medal, American Institute of Architects

25-Year Award and 50-Year Award for Ford Foundation Headquarters, American Institute of Architects

Gold Medal Award for Architecture, American Academy of Arts and Letters

Grand Gold Medal, Academie d'Architecture

Total Design Award, American Society of Interior Designers

Medal of Honor, New York Chapter of American Institute of Architecture

Arthur Ross Award, Classical America

Brendan Gill Prize, Municipal Art Society of New York

New York State Award

California Governor's Award for Excellence in Design

Albert S. Bard First Honor Award, City Club of New York

Creative Arts Award in Architecture, Brandeis University

Brunner Award, American Institute of Arts and Letters

George M. White Award, American Architectural Foundation