UEFA EURO 2020 Qualifying Draw

In late 2017, Ireland and The CCD was chosen to host the live televised UEFA EURO 2020 Qualifying Draw. The live televised one-hour draw took place on 02 December 2018, bringing attendees representing UEFA’s 55 national associations, delegates from participating countries, broadcasters and sponsors’ guests.

Delegates: 600
Client: UEFA
Event: UEFA EURO 2020 Qualifying Draw
Type: European Association
Date: 02 December 2018
Days: 1


In late 2017, Ireland was chosen to host the live televised UEFA EURO 2020 Qualifying Draw. The client, UEFA, sought an accommodating venue that offered the flexibility and capability to deliver their detailed requirements. These included a strong technical capability for TV and staging, a large space to accommodate not only their 600 guests, but also 100+ broadcasters and media entities present at the event, and comprehensive security measures for this high-profile event.


The Convention Centre Dublin (The CCD) was selected as the host venue for the UEFA EURO 2020 Qualifying Draw. The event consisted of an eight-day set up and rehearsals for the live televised one-hour draw that took place on 02 December 2018. An event with city-wide collaboration, The CCD worked with the UEFA EURO 2020 Local Organising Committee and representatives from Dublin City Council, the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport, and Dublin Convention Bureau to bring this event to life.

One of the challenges for this event was to accommodate the platforms needed for a TV broadcast in the venue. Before the build, dimension plans were completed and pitched to UEFA, showcasing how the Auditorium would accommodate the live TV broadcast. The CCD also developed final-look renderings for the VIP draw lunch, creating ambience with lighting, dressing and floral centrepieces with the final build replicating the initial rendering exactly.

As a high-profile event, extensive security measures were put in place to meet UEFA protocol. CCD Security worked closely with local law enforcement agencies and Dublin authorities to secure the venue, with all CCD staff, vendors and suppliers completing a UEFA accreditation process prior to the event.

CCD Technical collaborated with UEFA’s team to meet the specific requirements for the live TV broadcast. To host the extensive number of international TV broadcasters, The CCD acquired additional nearby external spaces, Linear Park and Waterways Ireland. After completing site surveys, trackways were installed to accommodate broadcaster’s trucks, and two bridges were built to take cables and camera crews from the exterior location into The CCD.

Power for the live broadcast was run from generators positioned on Linear Park and cables were used to run the power from Linear Park right up to the third, fourth and fifth floors. The venue’s current radio communications system was enhanced using a repeater system to work across a larger footprint surrounding The CCD, enabling technicians based outside the venue to communicate with those in the building. Inside the venue, the Auditorium was completely transformed removing 180 seats to accommodate the multiple presentation and camera platforms. The event had a complex stage build, where the existing stage was raised and extended, realigning the 26-tonne fire curtain to accommodate.


The bespoke event attracted 600 guests, including attendees representing UEFA’s 55 national associations, delegates from participating countries, broadcasters & sponsors’ guests, and UEFA management. The 100+ media and broadcasters’ entities covered the event, which was watched live by an estimated global audience of 7.5 million viewers. This figure rises to upwards of 300m worldwide impacted via news coverage. The scale and type of this event offered an exciting opportunity for The CCD to showcase innovative ways to utilise the space for the client.

Good Valerie Morand