Providing flexible and reliable ICT solutions

Reflecting the standards of a modern world-class convention centre, a very high level of information and communications technology has been incorporated into the design of The Convention Centre Dublin, and our team of IT experts offer a flexible range of ICT solutions for your event.

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We offer a state-of-the-art Wi-Fi service throughout the building with a range of package options for our clients to choose from.

  • Complimentary guest Wi-Fi service which is ideal for delegates checking emails and light browsing of the internet. (This service is not recommended for heavy usage or exhibitors, due to the amount of traffic and number of devices connecting at the one time).
  • Wi-Fi service which is fully monitored by our in-house ICT team and can support up to 22,000 devices across the venue with speeds of up to 2Gbps.
  • Latest connectivity standard of 802.11ac.

Event App

With our app development partner, you can create a branded app for your event. By seamlessly integrating an app with your event, you can deliver a personalised experience for your delegates.

  • Communicate and engage with your delegates pre, during and post event through one of the most efficient platforms.     
  • Using our app development partner reduces the timely and costly process involved in developing and hosting apps in various app stores.
  • Create a fully branded app for your event with a range of features and functionalities to suit the specific requirements of your event, including engagement tools, audience interaction tools and attendee tracking.

Landing page

  • Ability to build a bespoke landing page that can feature client or sponsor logos, advertising or company information.
  • Customised and unified branding across all platforms to suit clients’ needs.

Connectivity and Networks

  • With over 2,500 data points within the venue, we can provide internet bandwidth to exhibition stands, registration desks and many other areas, offering internet service that start at 10Mbps.
  • We can offer multiple password protected segregated networks for a range of audiences such as speakers, organisers, delegates and registration.

Education Network - eduroam

  • Dedicated Education Wi-Fi network – We offer access to ‘eduroam’, an international roaming service for users in research, higher education, and further education. It provides researchers, teachers, and students easy and secure network access when visiting a venue outside of their institution.


At The CCD it’s easy to stay in touch with your support team during your event.

  • All of our operations team can be easily reached and carry radios to communicate and support the smooth running of your event.
  • We can also offer you a radio solution for your onsite team, as well as additional telephone services using our state-of-the-art voice over IP phone system, and analogue lines for broadcast services or payment terminals.
  • We can offer a number of basic rate ISDN lines for outside broadcast trucks or radio studio broadcasts, which we can deliver to a variety of areas within the venue.

Hire Equipment

  • If you need additional equipment, we offer a range of stock to hire, as well as the option of an approved supplier list to help deliver all your ICT requirements.


To discuss your unique Event IT requirements please contact your Technical Production Manager.

“The success of Drupal can often be measured on how our Wi-Fi performs and we have had nothing but great success here at The CCD. People have been able to push and pull quite a bit of code. We set some records for how much internet we were using.” Rachel Friesen, Events Manager, Drupal Association 2016."

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